A6 electric bicycle - shifting version 
No.: A6 shifting version
Voltage: 36V
Speed of travel: 20km/h
Product style: Folding
Wheel size: 14 inches
For people: adult
Product Details
Front  fork:Aluminum  shoulder oil spring fork
Shift lever:SHIMANO, TX30-6
After dialing:SHIMANO, short leg positioning
Dental plate:Prowheel aluminum alloy crank square  hole 42T steel tooth
flywheel:KANGYUEKang Yue 6s
Chain:KMC 6s
Central axis:KENLI, square hole pilin bearing
Brake brake:ZOOM DB-220 mechanical disc brake
Rims:Magnesium alloy integrated wheel, 14  inches
Tires:KENDA, 14*2.15
Speed up to:WUXING/five stars, 122DX
Seat:Vinyl cap, liner PU
Foot pedal:LP folding car plastic pedal
Accessories:Parking rack
Electric  configuration:
How to ride:Electric assist mode
 Pure man riding 6 speed
 Pure electric mode
Endurance:Power lasting 40-50KM
 Pure battery life 25-35KM
Maximum speed:≤25km/h
battery:LG-18650 lithium battery 36V8.7AH
Charging time:5-7H
charger:Overvoltage, overcurrent protection,  etc.
Motor:Rear drive 36v240W brushless and  toothed, waterproof grade IP54
Booster:Single Hall speed sensor
Brake power off function:ZOOM brake power off
Wire connector:All cables are waterproof quick  connectors